Reviewer: Data Annotation

CESGS is looking for a passionate and dedicated Intern Reviewer to review our data classification and data annotation of corporate reporting. You will be joining the team powering everything happening behind the scenes.

Job Brief:

We are looking for an Intern Reviewer to review various data classification and annotation from reports of listed companies in Indonesia using integrated software.


Reviewing classified data using integrated software from Annual Report (AR) and Sustainability Report (SR) issued by public companies in Indonesia.


  1. Bachelor Degree or still pursuing Master in Accountancy
  2. Sufficient knowledge in utilizing computer applications such as MS Office, Spreadsheet, or other production-related software; conversant with fundamental bookkeeping methods
  3. Giving thoughtfulness to detail and a high level of precision
  4. Ability to sustain faithful confidentiality in carrying out the tasks
  5. Team spirit; strong communication skills to collaborate with various stakeholders in conveying creative ideas; time-management skills
  6. Ability to work efficiently and flexibly under stress involving tight deadlines work with the team and fully committed
  7. Pro-active
  8. Able to work in a team and individually
  9. Have enough proficiency to understand data in English
  10. Own Personal Computer (PC)/ Laptop

Salary: Rp 350.000

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Job Category: internship
Job Location: Remote